The Employee Administration Alternative

kservKozlin Services provides customized employee administration. We offer payroll processing, and professional directives for all aspects of human resources. We also offer competitively priced health care plans and NYS mandated insurances through our affiliated brokerage firm. Utilizing a menu style plan, you tailor a cost effective employee administration package based on the requirements of your business.  By building your own program you are safeguarded  from standardized charges typical of  bundled employee leasing.

The employee administration alternative of Kozlin Services allows your company to operate as an independent entity assuring that your current procedures remain constant. All tax reporting is completed by our payroll department under your corporate identification, maintaining compliance to government regulations.  Our unique system does not form a co-employment relationship. Your employees are not given a 3rd party W-2.  They work for you – not us.

In the regular course of business at any given company, there is activity that generates income and employee related activity that does not.  Aligning with Kozlin Services  eliminates time spent on non-income activity.

We essentially have the same goal ---the growth of your business. We aren’t in business with you. We are in business for you.